When Bastard Was A Name Of Shame


imprinting in a young child’s mind
he/she was the seed of something shameful.
look what this child’s child birthed
a nation Full of bastards, and shame
doesn’t grow on ’em trees no mo’!

the poor man’s dad’s mind
was full of it too, the shame, ignited
with the “charity” of WPA
when a man could sling a sledgehammer
on a pile of rocks, all day, por que
US citizens paid his pay check,
he must, be made, to feel shame.

still the children played
hide and seek and skip to ma lou
ashes, ashes, all fall down

some put on a tie and some put on sandals
for some cheating became a way of life,
thru the eyes, thru the ears and thru the mouth –

still there was dancing and singing
hidden somewhere deep
within the old man’s heart
who nevertheless survived to retrieve
the spirit that built the house
that protected the children
that helped return
the magic of
the Is of
the newborn.