US Senators Always Trading Votes

both sides agree some trades make them puke
the bald one says here is why that this is wrong
we end up with two pukey bills
like consent to a judge half the country does not want
and pass on an ambassador the other half wants
then celebrate each win by puking
an example
one state gets low housing funding by accepting a military base in his state
no negotiations like
why do not the low income people get the jobs of building low income housing
instead of keeping military bases that are not needed?
how did our citizens get to the state of wanting a job that is not needed
when it would be more logical, to give those who will actually lose their jobs
a two year severance pay or some such
instead of “busy work” and every government worker
knows that demand…how else to grow a bigger trough?
the answer to the question si:
to have a law abiding country
laws must not offend half, or more, of the country
the higher the percentage of the country that agrees with a law
the lower degree of laws broken
in the old days
the elders would debate until they were blue in the face
they would either reach a consensus or they would wear themselves out
and no new law, or enactment, would occur
at least until or unless strength was garnered for another debate
and rules yes lets have rules of debate
civility not being the least among them
how long has it been since political conventions were about selection
instead of celebration and complete unity?
is 60% agreement really too much to ask?

Condi vs Hillary

God Save the Queens
it’s their turn to do the laundry
out out spot spot
they will be running against
Jackson Lee and Ron Paul of Texas
deep in the heart
there is a yellow ribbon upon the yellow rose
the silk road of el passo
la hombera
let’s remember fourteen senators
who have stood up for the fight
it took a little time to remember the unfairness
of tackling when playing touch football
will we survive a second divide
of red and blue look around
civil war is in the air globally
will the dream of our forefathers be realized
and civility prevail?

Ligaya Lagman is a Gold Star mother

the long line of mournful women

American Gold Star Mothers Inc.,
rejected Lagman, a Filipino,
a permanent resident and a taxpayer
she is not a U.S. citizen.

“There’s nothing we can do because
that’s what our organization says:
You have to be an American citizen,”
national President Ann Herd said,
“We can’t go changing the rules
every time the wind blows.”

nuclear option

Judge Owen bought to you by Enron and Haliburton
right out of Texas up to the top of the heap they want
activist owen them as she does live in their pockets
here go the witch hunts outgoes our form of government
what do you call it when a president (one branch of power)
orders the senate (second branch of power) to stack the deck
with judges who will give corporate power the judges they want
for their day in court
for this
they will give the radical Christians abortion and gay rights
their peepin’ Tom in we the people’s bedrooms.

God Bless Our Dumbed Down America

owen brown nuclear option radical recommendations
galloway declares “not one thin dime”
oil for food or oil for blood?
Saudi oil rigged for nuclear blow-out?
al-Qaeda riots over desecration of their holy book
but not over the torture of their bodies in prisoned
who would doubt these extremists believe in their holy book
at least as much as extremist Christians?
(in Thailand prisons they torture their own)
live longer and happier if you go to church?
is that a half truth?
those that go to church were not out all night dancing

the born again virgin

the Georgia lady does not have to die
to be reborn
to be again a virgin
the purity of love si
meanwhile in L. A.
the more than 500 days now trial
no one wants to believe
a boy can sleep with a 34 year old boy-man purely
but a 33 year old can be a born again virgin
is this a Christian Jihad
or a Muslim Crusade?
while Paula and the American Idol
have consensual sex?
Mother’s Day
in all it’s originality
the lady
gave us The Battle Hymn of the Republic
then proclaimed
a day for mothers to stand up and just say no
to taking their sons away to war
West Virginia country road take us home.

Southern Baptist House Divided

pat robertson come in Friday here
is it your intelligent design
dividing the Southern Baptist Church of God?
Louie Louie Lou eeeeee
Louie Louie Lou iiiiii
they could not understand the words but they were
sure they were amoral so they banned them
surely this is not the land of OZ
Muskogee or Kansas city
how did we get to this hell
of lopped off heads and back to the torture rack?
oh God is on your side you don’t say?
are you on God’s side?
do you follow in his steps
like feeding the poor not some poor
the poor did He say
there will always be poor
and under his breath I know
via human history
opulence is feeding a few poor
and starving the many
heaven is only something of
an atonement away.