Coach C. Vivian Stringer, Rutgers


listen un Mr. President
pay attention
to what honest dialog produces
when coach Stringer and her team
can begin
“the process of forgiveness”
by walking her talk
she refused to answer questions about hate
she made the topic
broader than her team
broader than Imus
now is a good time
for us, as a society, to begin
“the process of forgiving”
by taking the first step
and produce some honest dialog

thank you Coach C. Vivian
for embodying strong virtues
and giving us hope
we may yet fill the highest dreams
of our founders, who left the door open
for improvement in what they had started,
a Constitutional Republic,
because they knew their limitations
their expectations were that we the people
would find ways to improve
their experiment. The lie:
“the American Dream” was apple pie.
The truth: “the American Dream”
was that we the people
could rule ourselves;
with a footnote:
“If they will build on what we started
and not try to turn it into stone.”