Dear Imus,


I hope you are back on your ranch
out in the land of enchantment
that place that is still quiet enough
to hear the laughter of running water
and the refilling of spiritual cups
it’s always easy to misplace one’s left foot
when one feels the intensity
of worldly affairs
and when was your last vacation? or
are all your vacations working vacations?
at nearly 73 years of age i still remember
the push it took at age 67
to do the best we could think of…
now i’ll tell you truly
i’m one who emailed you complaining
when you had too much testosterone in the air
sorry you could not see me smile
when you got into a debate on the air
with your wife, even; you both were assertive
without anger, and i witnessed
your willingness to listen
(not so many husbands have developed that ability)
i flew some disgusted emails at some guests
but i hope i thanked you a few times also

heal yourself first dear Mustang
you will be better and stronger at your chosen work
your fans will not plead for your return
though this is our dream – we now have a deeper understanding
of the strength it takes to be a messenger
or as my close musical friend is wont to say,
“The closer one gets to the truth,
the less predictable the reaction.”