Goodbye Ol’ Mustang Imus


whites make that mistake often
thinking they are one with the ‘hood
and can speak their street language

it is a brave act
to be a comedian
in the public face
trying to project reality back
look how “some” Muslims reacted
to the desecration of their beliefs

thank you Imus you succeeded
in reflecting our reality

it wasn’t enough
all of your good works
to help the black community
to ease the suffering of children
you were a threat
to the most powerful people,
the upper crust of politicians
who have had your shows
fine-toothed combed
no one could argue with you for saying
you’d never have Hillary on your show
but they knew you were human
as the rest of us are human
who sometimes misplace our left foot
and they were in the mood for bear

I often turned your show off
when you were full of too much testosterone
but I never doubted your good heart
you did your best to shine your light on
the poverty that was laid bare with Katrina
even if enough of us did not get outraged
(and their suffering still rages on)
you did, indeed, do your best
but that was not good enough
for self righteous people
who are out to kill messengers

well Imus, we are the tail end of that generation
that taught sticks and stones are worse than words

the “glory” of Rutger’s basketball team
came the day they learned they were in the finals
their “moment of glory” WAS NOT
the day they did not win the championship
but it was you who gave them a national stage
it was you who allowed us to see and understand
these 10 young women ARE champions
without winning the title

you knew nothing about them
when you called them nappy-headed ho’s
so they had no reason to be personally insulted
I, as a great grandmother, flinched
when I heard those words come out of your mouth
and wished you hadn’t said them, and I heard
your two side-kicks flinch also,
I did not know the women either,
but I was reminded of a time
an ex-alcoholic husband called me whore and worse,
and laughed at him because I KNEW
first, he was not describing me, second, I knew
he had a traumatized childhood because he was a bastard
and I knew he was called a bastard
because his mother was raped at age sixteen

I’m sad sad sad this morning
they told you you would would be shot
after this morning’s broadcast
but they caved…
and I won’t hear your final comments
on the radio because I don’t have one

my only hope for justice is
that these 10 women basketball players
will get to know you as your audience knows you
and they will speak from their hearts
and not thru being coached.