Why has Imus taken off his cowboy hat? CNN.com asks


that’s what cowboy’s do, that’s why!
it’s a sign of respect and humility.
ask better questions!
who does an outstanding basketball coach
tell us and her team, “People can only
hurt you with their words if you let them,”
and in the same breath tell us
her team’s shining moment was destroyed
by Imus’ words?

Who’s interest was Al Sharpton acting in
when he went to Imus’ advertisers and
encourage them to pull out of Imus’ show
and why was Proctor and Gamble the first?
Could it be because his wife Deidre
was set for a book signing tour for
“Green This” – which offers cleaning products
which do not pollute like P & G’s?

Has anyone noticed how now in America
we have one continuous political campaign
of promises never kept?
Does anyone believe Hillary will support
anti-flag burning after (if) she wins
the democratic nomination or that
her “pulling out of Iraq” will happen
when she is president?

Whom does thou think
protests too much?