Empire, Door #2: A group of states or other territories that owe allegiance to a foreign power.

boots all around
boots on the ground
then along comes Poland
“A people,
will never be defeated.”

let go of the pride and the fall
will not be so precipitous

the whole of human history
is one of empire building
sometimes religious sometimes secular
but ever more and ever more
falling, falling, all fall down
in Poland
in country
after country
“A people,
will never be defeated.”

the people’s revolution is, often,
stolen by the man of the hour, in power.
Castro and Chavez
Learned from Their history, if they did not comply, as a
“state(s)…that owe(s) allegiance to a foreign power”
that power would use covert means
to replace them.

Musicians and politicians are screaming,
“Wake up America”
Mourners are crying,
“We know you aree awake America,
have seen the gory instead of glory
from the deeds our “leaders” have done
it is as our founding fathers warned
“A secret government”
our ’60’s revolution opened eyes
step by step it opens more…