Dear Big Brother Bush Cheney

thank you for listenin’ up
to all our emails, posts, et al
’cause we got a lot of questions.
do ears get pointier as they burn?
is as lonely as they say at the top
where even yer dog bites the hand
that fucks the world behind its back?
no dear Bushites Cheneykins
with our lungs chained to an oxygen tank
come on babe light our fires
we felt the witches when you burned ’em
the lash when you lashed our brother’s back
know why dogs bark in the middle of the night,
one answering an other?
they’re wondering how bad it will git
before it gits better?
happy anniversary you ol’ fools
fallin’ in love over and over
it’s only yellow metal Floyd sang
come on over Rove’r
we make ourselves in the image of our God
in the nuggets of our Rivers in due time
find all the gold coats.
like the lizard who loses its tail to a predator
too the dog
will sacrifice a tail
when wagged to the extreme.