Financial Rules From Fox Friends:

“Get married and stayed married to get wealthy.”

bomb me with guided missiles
need constitution by today or tomorrow
Monday the latest
“the politics of taking over a country should not surprise anyone” – Friends
narcotics of poppies negotiating point
Missouri really is like the dark side of the moon
ally with those who know the terrain
“Fox in the hen house” is a funny image for Fox to spin
Jon Stewart Jon Stewart move over
i’m a goin’ down if youse hafta
legal drug addicts want to imprison illegal drug addicts
while the legal drug addicts hafta git illegal drugs to git e’nough
and want their medical records protected because they prove doctor shopping
Limgaugh’s reluctance encourages other users
did he want Jesus to die for this sin
and the sin of calling the kettle black
the courts won’t kill BTK the Christian Friends want inmates to
it is not enough Dennis Rader is in a cage 23 hours a day
they do not want him drawing dirty pictures or writing why?
How many news hours will Fox News bring us today from Aruba
my 50th anniversary?