“Cometh Another Turning Point”

– George W. Burning Bush

mission accomplished
Iraq long war like WW II
for WMD’s
for democracy
washing machine in spin cycle
Billy Sunday Billy Graham
heil hail ave Mary
TV glued minds
the media is the message
any way we want it
but no art in the garden
they might remember their roots
steeples on churches is as pagan as it gets
burn the books and drape the statues
from Secretary of State background
body politic believes itself clothed
populace sees only fig leaves
covering only mouths, the offending body part
imagine that
building wall around self
building wall around country
media owned by power corporations
reporting the news as we like it
in any secret government
denial plausibility is possible
gone that dirty feeling we once felt
when causing other’s pain
gone the stench of money ill obtained
the divorced female lamented
“He wanted a whore in the bed room
and a lady in the parlor.”
the divorcee female lamented
“He wanted a virgin in the bed room
and got a whore in the parlor.”
the land of the free got
whores in their parlor wide screen TV
women and children raped in the streets
in their homes, shot in their schools,
priests raping children of their congregation
smash the TV take up typing piano walking running
read and the mind dances
garden and the soul sings
life is not a cabaret but it is all there is
come out come out little conservatives to life
of course we all wish a hereafter
it’s soo cold here among the living
hell lives in an atomic bomb or nowhere
save our own mind
do not go willing into mind control
with wool covered eyes and baa baas
percentage points dropping take me to you leader.
got speech?