Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad

O Israel we understand your reasons “why”
but your “why” does not forgive your actions
Like a mother to a child i tell you
O Israel you have never been, and will never be,
all right or all wrong (nor will Palestine)
yes your culture has been wronged griveous ly
Your wannabe next Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to a Christian Evangelical
on “God’s Learning Channel” today said that
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran
wants to have 250 nuclear bombs in 10 years
but more, much more, Mahmoud, you accuse,
wants to rebuild the Persian Empire.
And Benjamin would be Alexander the Great; wishes
to use the UN to Bring Ahmadinejad to trial for
“Inciting genocide”
It was the Persians who did not kill the Jews;
allowing them to return to Israel
Pardonnnez-moi! “Inciting genocide”??!?
When you put your stick in a hornet’s nest,
kill 650,000 and counting,wasps, and add to that
a Crescent of more wasp nests,
and your stick turns into a nuclear snake,
it is YOU Benjamin Ahmadinejad,
who is “Inciting genocide”!

Questions, Mr. Wannabe next Prime Minister:

1) Why did Israel refuse to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?
2) Why does Israel keep Mordechai Vanunu in jail when, after all,
we all know Israel has about 250 nuclear weapons?

Two hundred and fifty???
Ben! Oh Ben! it is a looking glass
Are you really ready
to go down that hole?