Aipac Controls US House of Reps

Jeff Jacoby: “fleeing Lebanon in 1983, acquiescing in Saddam Hussein’s
destruction of the Kurdish and Shi’ite rebels in 1991, fleeing
Somalia in 1993.” Those behavior patterns eventually led to 9/11″


And after you build a fence around Israel,
and after you build a fence around America,
and have confused the masses with lies;
with your god of vengeance,
what will you have?

Step one:

Kansas church group has staged protests at military funerals
around the country, claiming that the deaths were a sign of
God’s anger at U.S. tolerance of homosexuals.

Step two: brother against brother, sister against sister, children
against parents, neighbor against neighbor, country against country

Step three: exactly what the world has had since the father of monotheism, Abraham: CONTINUOUS WAR!

The End: Man Created Armageddon