The Sound of Torture

TV Fox “24” makes torture sound
like the feel of masturbation ending.
Want the sound of torture break a leg
then move the broken leg without support.
The ethicist goes to sleep at night smirking
believing he has rationalized torture
because the person being tortured
has a human moral duty
to save the lives of his enemy
by betraying his friends.

What would the ethicist deem most evil
the violent death of 3,000 or
the violent death of 650,000 plus and rising?

Hear the clamor over building 18 Walter Reed
then see the size of beds in hospitals in Iraq
see they are no wider than a gurney rowed
upon row and growing lacks of medical supplies.

The lowly cockroach, whose species will survive
the deadliest nuclear attack – the “civilized”
shudder at the sight of even one,
Meanwhile back in the third world they eat them
for nourishment to the body.

A 16 year old innocent boy died 5 years ago today
in this rural New Mexico town
and thousands in their silent grief
created a wave in spirit waters
imagine the tsunami created with Shock and Awe
then lift your feet
the in breath is coming.