“Congress’ approach is no way to win a war” By Charles Krauthammer, with rebuttal

note: Krauthammer in quotation marks, rebuttal without them

“Congress did exactly that (authorized the use of force – October 2002)
with open eyes and large majorities.”

The Congress did not have open eyes they had lies. The small majority of
congress that DID have open eyes knew they were being lied to. The
majority of congress followed their whips – and in this they are culpable – but
it is the whips who’s hands are most bloody, both Dems and Reps.

“Now, more than four years later, the Democrats want out of the resulting war.”

Now, most Democrats, and SOME Republicans want out of the resulting war
which is a quagmire, which is why the majority of Americans voted the new
members into office.

“Most….They think the war is lost. If you believe that, then getting out is the most
reasonable and honorable and patriotic policy.”

The question is even bigger than whether the war is lost or won. It is illegal for
the president to lie to the Congress about going to war. There is no way to win
an illegal war and there is no way to save face.

“Congress has the power to do that by cutting off the funds. But Democrats will not,
because it is politically dangerous.”

And who spins it ‘politically dangerous’? Fire up your base KrautHammer! Put your
talking points into the Fox News echo chamber. Make it un-American for our
Congress to use their Constitutional Power to stop an illegal war, or at best an ill
construed war. Echo out “they don’t support the troops”.

“Instead, they are seeking other ways, clever ways…. Unless the troops are given
the precise equipment, training and amount of rest Murtha stipulates — no funds.”

Tell me about the marines who are going to the front lines after two weeks
training and tell me about the troops who are refused medical help when they
have traumatic stress syndrome as if they are all Corporal Clingers.

“Murtha….has chosen conditions he knows are impossible to meet…”

Yeah Charles Rumsfield Krauthammer, ‘You go to war with the army that you
got, not the one you wish you had.’

“But think of what that entails. It leaves the existing 130,000 troops out there without
the reinforcements and tactical flexibility that the commander, Gen. David H.
Petraeus, says he needs to win.”

translated: ‘Currently we do not have reinforcements and tactical flexibility.’

“Of course, the Democrats believe that the war cannot be won. But if that’s the
case, they should order a withdrawal by cutting off the funds.”

The majority of Americans agree 100% and feet will be held to the next
election fire.

“Slowly bleeding our forces….It is no way to end a war.” (more echo chamber)

Over 70% of VOLUNTEER ‘our forces’ and over 70% of Americans believe we
should get out of Iraq, WHO, WHO, WHO, I ask, is ‘slowly bleeding our forces’?

Who else does Charles Krauthammer write for? The Jewish World Review

Question: Which of these secret organizations does Charles Krauthammer belong?

A) Council on Foreign Relations
B) The Trilateral Commission
C) Bilderburger
D) All of the above

(Can’t answer that. It’s a secret.)