To What Do We Pledge Allegiance To America?

is it to the land of which we pledge
and to the spirit of which it was born?

and to the flag for which it stands what do we pledge?
to the cloth that bears the stars and stripes
or of the liberty for which it stands?

will we be one nation or two?
that is still the question.

ok, so “they” inserted, “under God”
“they” want us to pledge to a Christian God?
and call ourselves a Christian Nation?
turn a democracy into a Theocracy?
thee o crazy?

But we are pledging to this Republic and for which it stands!
With liberty and justice for all!!!

All righty then
describe this Christian Nation of America.
That’s too vague of a questionnaire.
Describe the current most powerful sect of Christians today.
wasn’t that easy: Evangelican
And what do we get when we get Evangelicals
we know what they expect – to get rapture and on their way
they expect to look down on the rest of us
burning in brimstone and hell fire
Do they look forward to this sight?

Yes there other Christians in these, so far, United States
the ones that understand what Jesus meant when he said,
“What you do to the least of these you do unto me.”

So if we pledge allegiance to the land
why are we polluting it with our toxic waste
Do we pledge allegiance to the land because
it grows our food and how about the water?
When we were young we could drink from any flowing stream.
When we were young there were not so many breathing diseases.

And if we pledge allegiance to the Republic
how do we protect it?
Especially in these dividing days?

Go figure.