Cheney Dreams of Yellow Cake

it was not “flimsy” evidence as said on Hardball
it was FORGED evidence of yellow cakes
who would forge this evidence or have it forged
the who who wanted to use it and did…duh…
how many lies can a Bush stand on before he is pinned?
When taken to war on lies there is no V in victory
there is no-save face for the powerful
Senators or Representatives
who whipped Republicans AND Democrats
into voting for the Iraq war
Judd Gregg, Trent Lott, Lindsey Graham
Kay Hutchinson, Mitch McConnell
and yes…Hillary Clinton
to name a few…
“Every time we don’t like somebody
we call them a terrorist.” Chris Mathews
Why do we fear the loss of habeas corpus
and surveillance of US citizens?
Those who would be a Dictator always goes after
dissenters first.