Fuzzy Math and English (for this 60th nuclear bomb anniversary)

adding up Afghanistan and Iraq US troop deaths
in retribution of 9/11 just under 3,000
leaving 74 to add up to a match
not yet adding up to the millions killed in WW II
let’s remember Hiroshima the world, like Poe’s raven,
the Burning Bush is rattling again
can’t you hear him saying
“It depends on what never is.”
God will not bless America
until it learns peaceful conflict resolution.
Sixty years and counting
with no evidence of a learning curve.

Joe Wilson – the current messenger they crucify

He was a man who wore a noose for a necktie
in the face of a dictator…
Joe Wilson saying, “If he wants to execute me
for keeping Americans from being taken hostage,
I will bring my own fucking rope.”

A man of whom Bush I said he was,
“My eyes and ears on the ground.”
Meaning in Baghdad when Joe stayed behind
and obtained the safe travel out of country
for nearly 200 American citizens.

Read the book The Politics of Truth
and then explain to us continued support
for the Wig Group of Scooter Libby, Karl Rove,
Novak, Chenney
yellow cakes and aluminum tubes
and in a whispering, threatening voice,
“nuclear weapons”
THE 16 words the Burning Bush allowed
“Should never have been included”
in his address to we the people.