Gary Qualls, Cindy Sheehan

who’s children died before them:
(every parent’s worst nightmare)

God bless you too Gary Qualls
with a 16 year old motherless child
speaking with the tenor of controlled pain
i hear the same in Cindy Sheehan
the low number polls of America
is not against the troops it is against the Bush
do you think the pain is any more or less
than the 130,000 innocent Iraqis dead
General Frank may not do body count but someone is
one of those someones, another American,
was killed in the bombing of Falajah
remember the story of the no fly zone
north a safety zone for the Kurds
south a safety zone for the Shia
no one mentions coalition deaths numbering 287
add to the 223 in Afghanistan and to that
1,864 in Iraq equal total military deaths of 2,350
Cindy and Gary had honorable sons
they both died for their country
dishonor is not theirs in this dishonorable war
it goes right up the chain of command to the commander-in-chief
and his bunkshooters
here is the difference between the Iraq War and the Vietnam War
when Vietnam Vets came home protesters spit in their face
they too misdirected their anger and they are remorseful
when Iraqi Vets come home they are embraced and thanked
and how do US troops feel that have boots on the ground?
firstly it is illegal for them to speak out against it
secondly we know in the age of text messaging
in cyberspace messages are accessible to many
including the commanders all the way up the line
Cindy does support our troops
Donald Trump is embraced in China
“How to Become A Millionaire”
cold cash with hot blood
he who gets the richest is manufacturing arms
and selling them to both sides
future shock is here now
peace is war
love is hate
“We had to kill them to set them free.”
God will bless American
when Americans become more like Jesus
and do what he would do.
Gary and Cindy were brave like Jesus
speaking from their hearts who can not feel them?
Gary sacrifices for his remaining 16 year old son
Cindy for her aging mother

Truth will set us free.

“Cometh Another Turning Point”

– George W. Burning Bush

mission accomplished
Iraq long war like WW II
for WMD’s
for democracy
washing machine in spin cycle
Billy Sunday Billy Graham
heil hail ave Mary
TV glued minds
the media is the message
any way we want it
but no art in the garden
they might remember their roots
steeples on churches is as pagan as it gets
burn the books and drape the statues
from Secretary of State background
body politic believes itself clothed
populace sees only fig leaves
covering only mouths, the offending body part
imagine that
building wall around self
building wall around country
media owned by power corporations
reporting the news as we like it
in any secret government
denial plausibility is possible
gone that dirty feeling we once felt
when causing other’s pain
gone the stench of money ill obtained
the divorced female lamented
“He wanted a whore in the bed room
and a lady in the parlor.”
the divorcee female lamented
“He wanted a virgin in the bed room
and got a whore in the parlor.”
the land of the free got
whores in their parlor wide screen TV
women and children raped in the streets
in their homes, shot in their schools,
priests raping children of their congregation
smash the TV take up typing piano walking running
read and the mind dances
garden and the soul sings
life is not a cabaret but it is all there is
come out come out little conservatives to life
of course we all wish a hereafter
it’s soo cold here among the living
hell lives in an atomic bomb or nowhere
save our own mind
do not go willing into mind control
with wool covered eyes and baa baas
percentage points dropping take me to you leader.
got speech?

Financial Rules From Fox Friends:

“Get married and stayed married to get wealthy.”

bomb me with guided missiles
need constitution by today or tomorrow
Monday the latest
“the politics of taking over a country should not surprise anyone” – Friends
narcotics of poppies negotiating point
Missouri really is like the dark side of the moon
ally with those who know the terrain
“Fox in the hen house” is a funny image for Fox to spin
Jon Stewart Jon Stewart move over
i’m a goin’ down if youse hafta
legal drug addicts want to imprison illegal drug addicts
while the legal drug addicts hafta git illegal drugs to git e’nough
and want their medical records protected because they prove doctor shopping
Limgaugh’s reluctance encourages other users
did he want Jesus to die for this sin
and the sin of calling the kettle black
the courts won’t kill BTK the Christian Friends want inmates to
it is not enough Dennis Rader is in a cage 23 hours a day
they do not want him drawing dirty pictures or writing why?
How many news hours will Fox News bring us today from Aruba
my 50th anniversary?

Dennis Rader

Dennis Rader

deserves to be in general population – D.A.
Kansas State Penitentiary
protective custody, not completely safe
locked in cell by himself 23 hours a day
forty years
eligible for parole when he reaches 100
14,600 days
346,400 hours in an iron cage
forty years in the desert of his mind
here is where we will learn
the truth or falsity of his expressed remorse
What is missing here Keith Oberman
and Jack Levin of Northwest University?
How did a man turn into a serial killer
who was fond of animals, loved to garden,
in the Air Force, a wife and daughter,
write poetry, love music
and still not be separated from reality?

What if he was separated from reality
of being a sentient human being?
What if hearing the victims grief
WAS a learning curve for him.
If it is a learning curve maybe
he will be the next Bird Man.

When 89% of CNN “Quick Voters”
do not care if Radder gets abused by other inmates
fully aware rape in prison is rampant suggesting
89% of the voters are not Christian
which by definition
is doing what Jesus would do.

Christopher Hickens of Vanity Fair reasons:

We knew all along we had to get rid of Sadham
we had to pre empt to stop him from attacking Kuait and Iran
rational skewed

Sadham DID attach Kuait and Iran
did Christopher forget the 100’s of thousands of mass graves
we found upon invading Iraq
true we plundered Iraq and we have the duty to fix it
every bomb dropped has a debt

oil for food racket
oil for palaces
oil for pockets
little trickle down to the Iraqi

nukes or us
who has the power to assassinate a president of the US
who has the power to assassinate a president of the Israel
and change does not change their foreign policy
meth is killing children
radiation is killing children

the debt owed it the greed borrowed
love given is love received
peace offered is peace achieved

The Subject is Yellow Cakes not Valerie Plane

who made Valerie Plane the story
when forged documents for war was
the 500 yellow cakes that did not happen
creating a nuclear cloud over we the people
perpetual fear is what to fear
April 7th to July 15th papers missing
2 to 1 al Qaeda, cruel treatment = John Roberts
brought to you by war president
perpetual war
younger the judge the longer the staying
in long term planning to stack the courts
when computers run down so does controlling
young lovers off to work
maintainer and quality child carer
parent teachers/students
grandparents reclaiming childhood
praying always the needs to shield human hearts
will soften in equal measure.

Fred Mattlage, Fred Mattlage, Texas Hero of the hour

carry me out carry me home
pines are pining
Israeli soldiers hug their own
eviction is always ugly
paying taxes never enough
we fear you fear everybody fears fears
water water everywhere
half the world drinks sewage
food plastic food here garbage there
at the molecular level
all body cells are starving
demons enter angry souls
their only portal
feel it own it to disarm it
demons diminished become less leathal
as their portal grows smaller
Cindy Sheehan, Cindy Sheehan
the Hero of the month.

Ode to Ronny Cohen

I am the eyes washed clean
the broken candle stunted corn
coming back as their grandchildren
looking at life from both sides now
the washed and the unwashed
mud between the toes
the tie around the neck is still a noose
clowns vs tricksters
feel the day’s reflection in the clouds
computerized by candle light
was it irony or paradox
an Israeli fisherman in Gaza
willing to become a Palestinian citizen
he only wants to fish.

The Death of Racism

August 6, 1945, 8:14 a.m.
was that US time or Japanese time?
history always written by the winning side
and Prince Charles
kings created if not in name
for sure can be by the voting machine
it is August 7, 2005, 1:43 a.m. now
the 60th anniversary now sealed in time
my own holocaust came yesterday
when i choked on a racist bone in my body
a remnant of my parents generation
who used the word jew as in jew someone down
that bone was safely expunged thank you
but the smell lingers past midnight
i wonder at the smell left in Hiroshima of burning flesh
and in New York City 9/11
and in Auschwitz in the 1940’s
in 1612 the city of Oslo burned down
Karl Johans Gate to Karine A
” To say “tolerance” is to imply “tolerance for Jews.”
– Jonathan Kay
Or it could imply “tolerance from Jews”.
God’s Learning Channel guest
names Princh Charles the anti-Christ
and the year 2012 the beginning of the 7 years of tribulation
60 years ago yesterday was one day of tribulation
that felt like it lasted 7 years or longer radiation lingering
as is its nature
in the west they say suicide bombers that blow the innocents to bits is unacceptable
for any reason and in the same breath supports US that bombs innocents to bits acceptable
if you don’t see it it didn’t happen?
the speaker of this dichotomy allowed the Israel/Palestine war
was “right fighting right”
as both parties have a legitimate claim to the land they call holy and home
dead is dead and bits are bits so no one can throw the first stone
becoming conscious of all our racist bones
the only cure is to break them
bones broken, if healthy enough to knit,
will be stronger for it
strong enough to recognize and not permit
any form of racism.