Run Bush Run

Ukrainian exit polls good
American exit polls bad
our activist judges good
your active judges bad

satisfaction is a satisfied feeling
unlike the sated burping raptors seeking rapture
tired and weary maybe but not unhappy
Murdock Halliburton Bushy beady eyes
miss Cindy Sheehan carried to their carriage
get her out of sight she is a Picture of the mind
the mind unfettered by their echo chambers
multi-national corporations
global squaller
Civil War in Iraq Is
candle burning short it is
a long way from the sun will it come?
tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
national debt the ultimate pyramid scheme
the Great Depression a prelude to
Global Great Depression
civilizations do not crash people do
buy a dictionary before they are burned
for starters look up
the word
and a history book describing
how empires fall
“extending too far beyond their own borders”
hunger is terror
homeless is terror
bombs falling from the sky is terror
terror terror on the wall
who’s the biggest terrorist of all?