Harriet Bush Idol Miers

out here in middle America
we know that Christian values influenced our forefathers
with no intentions of converting disbelievers
within our judiciary
does The Lady of the Torch still hope?
when judges don their black robes
do they truly cover personal bias?
no litmus test the pundits echo
litmus test the pundits echo
who do we the people want to judge us?
another Sandra Day O’Connor yes!
Mister President George W. Bush
will you now be a uniter as you promised?
Please start with the horses mouth
yer an ol’ cowboy and ya know
those who are in our highest court
maybe just might have some collective wisdom
of desired qualities in nominees
appointed to a life time job for our forefathers
was more than the fact that the longer they served
the less likely they would make judicial decisions
of a partisan nature
it was also comprehending
some additional wisdom
is expected
with experience.