“greeted the day as another chance to get something done for the people”

billy goat clinton the baby boomer
gave us bush the baby bomber
repressed sexual religions give us
repressed hormones that give us
violent eruptions
the grateful dead gave us back
extended families
government won’t protect us from
the military/industrial complex
won’t litmus test our highest judges
Solomon won’t you please come home
the Christian Soldiers are marching
lock kneed into religious “guidelines”
fearing damnation and fearing “terrorism”
they surrender freedoms one by one
Curt Vonegart returns
to name the Earth’s deadliest virus
a parasite that kills it’s host
the human species
and advises join a gang
meaning tribe but that word’s become a fire ball
it’s not over till it’s over
Revelations, like Orwell’s 1984,
was a prediction not a conclusion
the former depicting how bad it can get
the later how it gets that-a-way
it is not over till it is over
ending is still the future which depends on
what we the people do now.