American Torture

Who is Behind the Green Screen

Republican congressional leader
investigate the possible leak of
classified information about
secret U.S. prisons
for suspected terrorists overseas.

President Bush said flatly, “We do not torture.”

at the same time the White House tries to oppose
a Senate-approved measure
that explicitly bars “cruel, inhuman
or degrading treatment or punishment”
of prisoners in U.S. custody.

Connect the dots.

42 deaths from bird flu

motherbird in rusty cage moaning
feathers torn and blown
they messed with mother nature
viruses unburdened with logic
know only survival of the strongest
dis ease always destroys the meekest
be warned fear mongers
as you’ve been warned before
“the meek shall inherit the Earth”
as much as war presidents et al destroy
they shall be destroyed
it’s called
“do unto others as you would have done unto you”
divorced from spirit
that believe good can come from evil
that war is peace
that a sperm and an egg
once united
has more rights than a living
breathing person
when you marry religion to state
you create an Unholy union
spawning demons
dressed up as persons.
How does a demon sound?
Like a howling banshee.
Facing truth feels like
a slap in the face
but it’s only a wake-up.

Paul says
as long as the river runs free
enjoy the ride.

Seeking John Evans, poet

John Evans John Evans
where have you gone
since age twenty-nine
when you published your collection
“The Poet’s I”
the ultimate hedonism of self realization
contrasting St. Theresa’s among us
east/west touching in the cross hair
thirty-one years have gone by John Evans
John Evans, age sixty now
are you with us or have you departed
did you write anything after 1974?
Dedicating “The Poet’s I”:
“I dedicate this book
to the lovers of life,
the perusers of dreams,
and to the searchers
for the wisdom
of the soul.”
Still here or over there
I’m feeling that you know
searchers are still among us
brothers still crying
brother can you spare a dime
the religious among us are asking
where does one learn moral values
if not from organized religion?
Do I hear you crying now?
“If they truly loved their God
they would love
all of his creation and protect it
flowers and trees and human beings
all and everything under the sun.”

What’s Next?

bird flu in white powder
arriving in white envelopes
making news closing white house
white lies are not white lies they are killers
win by any means means
you can get blood from a turnip
good from evil
peace from war
justice from devious means
Samuel Alito is first but put him second to
Harriet Miers
trick or treat
all saint’s day is over
statesmen all who shed the light
exactly how we got here from there
and bring us home again.