A Slap In the Face

a wake up call we all
heard the evidence of the lies
I. Scooter Libby perjured
Bill Frist said: “[This] is an
affront to the United States of America,
and it is wrong.”
Mr. Bill
The United States of America is we the people,
who feel affronted
with your never ending black lies in our white house
our forefathers enjoyed political debate
can you hear them moaning in their graves
at the character assassination of
whistle blower messengers
we all are praying for all our senators tonight
and the 14
who fully understand the destruction of
nuclear options.

Christians Love Sperm and Egg

so much they will spend
they want what they want
Samuel Alito is his name
anti abortion is their game
but what they really want
is what they can not have
they can’t get no satisfaction
denying their own teachings
concerning the pearly gate
and the question they will be ask
“Why did you spend your shekels
on the unborn
while you let thousands starve
around the world and even
your own back yard’s homeless
in New Orleans?”