Bill O’Reilly challenge

Bill Maher and Laura Ingraham
on a Bill O’Reilly boat
given separate times at bat
with no Mr. O’ throwing curve balls
was a dichotomy i’d like to materialize
up the same creek
with turn-off mikes should one speak over the other
no ramblers allowed
let them speak in poetry of short lines
perhaps use old high school rules of debate
(i can still hear their body language
and feel from which compassion would come
if/when i
lie bloody at their feet).
Let me here it again Bill:
“Why do we need religion to be compassionate?
Can’t we just be kind?” – Bill Maher
If one manner of humans needs religion to be compassionate
we must protect that religion with the life of our constitution.
If another manner of humans do not need religion to be compassionate
we must protect their right also.
It’s called giving peace a chance.