ABC’s Fictional 9/11 Quick Vote Question of the day:

” Should filmmakers use fictionalized scenes
to dramatize the events leading up
to the September 11 attacks?”

One answer is obvious.
The events following the September ll attacks
lead to a war based on fiction.

Scene I: “Daddy why do they hate us?”

Scene II: Warhawks screech “They hate our freedom!
They are jealous.”

Scene III: Osama keeps repeating
“Palestine Palestine Palestine”
“Saudi soil Saudi soil Saudi soil”


Scene I: “Mommy why do all the people doing evil
call others evil?”

Scene II: “It’s called ‘a hole in the looking glass’.”

Scene III: Jesus turns his chariot around, crying
“I’m not going back there, they still don’t see.
Who wants to go to their own crucifixion twice?”