Millennial Carnage

bursting waters 9 months 11 days
birthing violence of the ages
who’s gut is not cramping
after this steady diet times
increased violence/increased terror
school shootings beheadings
civil wars one side
still armed with stones
the other not so many bodies
smart bombs bunker busters
who’s gut is not cramping
is not human
goodbye to September
hello October what political surprises
will be vented on American voters
this time, this time…
November 7, 2006
38 days and counting…
reduced gasoline prices in the middle of an oil war?
done that, done that
Marshall Law?
Round-up of dissenters
spying eavesdroppers ready set…
What’s going on in Mexico city
after their last election?
How did Bush get the power
to order Mexican Pepsi Fox
to not legalize marijuana and he rescinded?
Let us have the whole truth of the whole drug war:
Afghanistan, Colombia.
who’s gut is not hurting now is not human
Iraq, India, Israel, Palestine, Sudan
Columbine Part II

“They are still beating their women!”