Starry Night

Oh holy night
Our sins are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Abraham’s shame
Long lay the world in war and error pining
The Rabbi taught
“Once a Jew always a Jew,
it is in your DNA”
The Priest taught
“Once a Catholic always a Catholic,
but you could be American, Italian et al”
The Muslims – well who’s to say
they just entered center stage…

Star of Infamy Star of Fame
how sharp and bright your points of light
cliffs of Dover falling over
all the kings horses wild and free
turn to wood or stone
Till sense reappear’d and our soul felt its worth.
Rebirth of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Another dawn we’re still alive
Shake hands with your neighbor
Shake hands with your sister too
Un shod your feet
Oh hear the earth/angel voices
never ceasing:
“Peace on earth. when we learn,
good will t’ward children,
and women.”

Election Countdown with Pen Chant

24 days to election
line in sand drawn
on the right we have the gay issue
on the left we have all other issues like
corrupt congressmen
elections bought by the guys with the most money
brought to us by God Bless Corporate America

and on the right we have Tom McClusky

“All they want is sexual license, and,
the world has ended for Massachusetts.”

“When we encourage homosexuality
we need to fear genetic redispositioning.”

(Pen – would that be in competition with
right genetic redispositioning by empowering
the US to use nuclear waste in their war arsenal,
i.e. microscopic radiated particles tiny enough
to breathe in and potent enough to alter
the genetic make-up of the sperm and ovum?)

and on the left we have Marty Rouse

“The right is putting it’s hand on the constitution
and swearing to uphold the Bible.”

“The religious right,
who want to protect the institution of marriage,
should work to outlaw divorce.”

right: We need to protect our children.
left: We need to protect our children.”
Pen: We need to protect ALL children!!!!!!!!

North Korean Nukes

imagine that
a country that fears “pre-emptive” attack
creates their own deterrent
pre-emptive as in “act of war”
The Whole World fears more than this…
another “Cold War” which equates to
another build up of nuclear weapons
all holders thereof proclaiming
“only as a deterrent”
“How many seconds away were we
from a nuclear holocaust in the “Cuban Crisis”?
The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
was a planet saving idea.
Time to talk to that turkey again
and elect real statesmen again
who have the skills and understanding
of the dire need for
non violent conflict resolution
and Roosevelt’s dream of freeing all colonies
that was killed by Truman
and remember WHY Kennedy was killed
The spin cycle will kill us all
if we continue to deny history.

Will the real George stand up?

When Franco saw himself as Fraulein’s savior
Sheba seduced David to birth another Ishmael
who took Geronimo’s Coveted ark to Truman
buried the hatchet in Kennedy’s head
and the world fell to pieces:
Iraq, Israel and all that Stan could muster
the glory of France became dotardly
the Royalty of England, scandalous
it was George (not Washington)
the fool elected by the righteous
one Luther freed the Catholics
even as they splintered
to justify Christianity
and NO
they were not the first nor the last
of monotheism schisms we have
splintered Muslims splintered Jews
all running like the devil
to justify their existence
human gods made mistakes
so “gods” became regulated to other worldly
all powerful / no mistakes
the privileged became perverted
as underprivileged children became walking bombs
so Mother took out her scrub board
the dirty laundry spun like hell
but the spin cycle is over now
every one’s laundry hangs
hangs on the line we all can see
the hypocritical.

“Come on, Charlie,
let’s go home now.”

This Sunday’s Talking Heads

Ben Stein: We should not be talking about Foley,
there are more important things to talk about,
like Afghan and Iraq.

Translated: We Rightwingers
want to talk about our wars
even though we got in power
by talking about abominable

Billy Crystal:
There has been no drop for Bush in polls
and there won’t be and
52% polled say terrorism is the most important issue.

Reality: Bush approval rate today at 33%,
the lowest ever and

this does not say 52% believe Republicans
can best handle the threat of terrorism.

i can’t take in anymore

it’s all worse than the day before
before they burned Atlanta down
don’t ask me for
a pair of thoughts that match
has there ever been such a mess in Pie Country?
money pouring out Abraham’s off
how much damage can one Catholic priest
do to just one altar boy?
ask Mark Foley.
20 years is a whole lifetime for many of our boys
more than died on 9/11 de facto
what do the Money Changers care
(inside and outside the temple)
high on the hog of tax payers dollars
as long as the division is house divided against itself
the PP people’s greed salivates
yeah, ok, pass the jalapeƱo peppers.

Mark Foley’s head hangs down

hang down you head Mark Foley
mine’s a hangin’ too
name the priests who raped you Mark
let them claim their guilty hands
that became your addiction
alcohol always works as an absovent
secrets are our real sickness
my hands are folded also
may the Mother of Darkness
lead you home to your true self
the one’s the priests did not destroy
the one held safe in your heart
together we can pray for
their very own Pope
ask for your forgiveness
and the forgiveness of all their victims
times how many years and lives shattered.
it is true, as my left shoulder says,
many victims do not become victimizers.
but my right shoulder speaks for the lost child,
“It took 20 years to out yourself,
both sexual preference and in leaving evidence,
now you can live without fear.”

Led Into Temptation

how it gets the upper hand
of leading us into temptation
of the glory of
merry go round go round
one gold ring all reaching for it
one hundred years in slow motion
Roosevelt would free all colonies
Roosevelt had to die
Truman did the opposite
refused surrender of Japan
and the New World Order had two orgasms
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Kennedy would change American Foreign Policy
Kennedy had to die
spin cycle is over
time to dry the parchment and change
the repetition of history
How many presidents, honest, or turned honest,
have been assassinated by the New World Order
who, the richer they get, the more they want…
as in the GREED GOD has not limits…
shed all the blood it takes
pollute all the air, water, land it takes
orphan as many children as it takes
starve to death as many families as it takes
destroy the real American Dream
of we the people ruling ourselves
Who can save us now?
Only we the people
living the walk we talk.
Lead us not into the temptation
of false security
by refusing to face all the fears
the Power Hungry place before us!

Bill O’reilly Colters Bush’s Foley

O’Reilly: “Firing commanders
in times of war is normal.”
translates: Bush is not normal.

All the support Bush needs
is his wife and his dog.
What is it called
when all of the world is crazy
except one’s self?
In psyche 101 it’s called
the first symptom of mental illness.

O’Reilly: “The soldiers tell me
we are wining in Iraq.”
translates: Bill never enlisted
or he would know soldiers are bound,
by an oath they take,
not to speak against their government.

O’Reilly: Bob Woodard’s book will be used
by those who want us to fail in Iraq.”
No one needs to want Iraq to fail,
it is.

Bay of Pigs and JFK:
When JFK came into office the Bay of Pigs
was already in progress – what JFK didn’t do
was stop it – and it is not who assassinated him, today,
today’s more important question is why!

Tom Foley?
we’re in the spin cycle now:
“We would be accused of gay bashing”
“Only naughty emails”
Jerry Studs, Studs, Studs
Ann Colter: What’s wrong with asking
a teenager what he wants for his birthday.

Ann Colter: Dems will win
in the upcoming election just because…
It won’t be the Iraq war or Foley…
it will be “just because”

O’Reilly: “Clinton had the opportunity
to get Osama” the fair balance Billy
is to tell WHY he didn’t follow up
on recommended action:
one of the “opportunities” was
a wedding in Afghanistan,
attended by the Saudi King.
Another “opportunity” was
a wedding party.

Billy’s final silliness for today:
“People that are against the Iraq War
are not objecting on a moral basis.”

The objections are ALL on moral basis –
starting with lies.

Muerta Abramhoff and the Money God

Scene I

Powerful Republicans receive the news
Abramhoff will be indited

Scene II

Muerta gets a deal
“Come out against the Iraq war
and you won’t do your time re
Abramhoff connections.”

Scene III

Abramhoff is indited for bribery
and Muerta, a Democrat against the war
is now slimed, but he won’t do time,
such is the power
of the Money God
and those that worship it.

Oh Money God
How powerful thou art
Thou art the most powerful God I know.
Thou taketh away every feeling
Except power,
Thou taketh away all love
Except thine.
Thou separateth not blood from oil;
Only father from mother,
Sister from brother,
Friend from another.
Lead us not into the temptation
Of giving you away,
Lease we learn
How powerful
Thou really art.