Muerta Abramhoff and the Money God

Scene I

Powerful Republicans receive the news
Abramhoff will be indited

Scene II

Muerta gets a deal
“Come out against the Iraq war
and you won’t do your time re
Abramhoff connections.”

Scene III

Abramhoff is indited for bribery
and Muerta, a Democrat against the war
is now slimed, but he won’t do time,
such is the power
of the Money God
and those that worship it.

Oh Money God
How powerful thou art
Thou art the most powerful God I know.
Thou taketh away every feeling
Except power,
Thou taketh away all love
Except thine.
Thou separateth not blood from oil;
Only father from mother,
Sister from brother,
Friend from another.
Lead us not into the temptation
Of giving you away,
Lease we learn
How powerful
Thou really art.