Impeach Cheney First!

Bush has charisma as a cowboy
but Dick controls his brain
Where are the exploited and missing children?
Answer: in Iraq.
Dick Brain Cheney still pushing lies
but the dots don’t line up to
Hezbollah is al Qaeda
And what were the penguins doing last night?
George inadvertently protruded his tongue 124 times
while speaking but Cheney and Pelosi
could only purse their lips and lick
the inside of their mouths to keep from choking
How did AIDS, with 21.8 million living victims
(with yearly deaths of 17,000)
take center stage when MALARIA
has 300 million living victims
(with yearly deaths of 1+ million)
Oh right, Americans get AIDS,
not so much malaria.
But ain’t it grand George Cheney wants to give
tax breaks for health insurance even when
40+ millions of Americans don’t have it?
President Eisenhower took us out of Korea
President Ford (pushed by congress) took us out of Vietnam
Come on George you can do it
“Out of Iraq now!”

But yet and still,
George Bush does have a brain
State of the Union 2006 he rightly accused
US of oil addiction and need to get over it
State of the Union 2007 he rightly
acknowledged Global Warming
Will it take to 2008 for Bush’s brain
to reach the same conclusion
as Jimmy Carter did more than 3 decades ago?

Double US “oil reserve”
Who does that profit? Oil investors!
Alternative energy? STOP
calling it “renewable”
even the soil gets tired…sometimes corny

Ol Sol and his merry ol’ soul keeps a’shining
Uncle River keeps on flowin…
“It’s the End of the World,” sings REM
and adds the caveat:
“As we know it!”

State of the Union Bush Eve

Here we are at Bush Eve of State of the Union Message
tomorrow when he will tell us “Big things are possible.”
Big what Mr.? Big jobs that take both parents working
to support their family? Or big like oil prices dropping
and he’s ready to feed our oil addiction?

Or big news on CNN on the Eve of Bush State:

Al-Zawahiri – “If we are killed you will be killed.”
FBI officials said Monday that U.S. forces found documents
at least SIX months ago indicating al Qaeda in Iraq has
aspirations to attack on U.S. soil.

fEAR Fear, pour on oil, pour on oil,
Bush is BurninG and this is not Scotland
What was that you said Mr. President?
“I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!”

Hold the Media Accountable

Our Media Hero Helen Thomas ‘splains
“Our Media went into a coma on 9/11
then Katrina awoke it that
something is terribly wrong
preKatrina the Dems and Reps were afraid
to be called un Patriotic un American
some still are, to some degree
and she ‘splains further
“The Bush line is ‘We are there,
forget the past and move forward’.
Forward from what?
Forward from our Invasion of Iraq?”

“Iraqis won’t do what we want them to do,
they are not the Greatfull Dead”

Worldly and personally:
Why do we fight before we become friends? The fear of
“What level of violence are you willing to unleash,
should I displease you?”

“So why,” today’s Hero asks,
“Does Bush insists on remaining in a house on fire?”
This penner posers…
“The Bush is Burning George, look out, look out.
Iraq is Burning fire fire
Pour on Water, Pour on Water

the CLIMATE you say, is CHANGING?

iT’S snowing in New Mexico though
nary a spring bulb able to stretch thru the depth
StoP, SmelL,
the memory of Spring Time will help us thru
this Winter of our Spirit…

“The second Holocaust will not be like the first” – Benny Morris

Benny Morris: “One bright morning, in five or ten years’ time…after Iran’s acquisition of the Bomb…The orders will go out and the Shihab III and IV missiles will take off for Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Haifa, and Jerusalem, and probably some military sites, including Israel’s half dozen air and (reported) nuclear missile bases….”

WHY does Israel keep the Israeli reporter in jail that allowed the whole world to know ISRAEL HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS?

Benny Morris: “A million or more Israelis…will die immediately….Some of the dead will inevitably be Arab…1.3 million of Israel’s citizens are Arab and another 3.5 million additional Arabs live in the semi-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

HOW can a country be semi-occupied? Since all of the Jews were removed from the West Bank (Mr. Morris wrote this fear mongering on January 6, 2007) and controls all their borders, be more truthful and call it what it is: a concentration camp. Is “semi-occupied” then, of the West Bank, something like being a little bit pregnant?

Benny Morris: “Since then, the ministers and generals, like their counterparts in the West, have looked on glumly as Hizbullah’s patrons have been arming with doomsday weapons.”

WHEN did Hizbullah start “arming with doomsday weapons”? And Benny’s evidence is they even have them?

Benny Morris: “Taking out with conventional weapons the known Iranian facilities would take an American-size air force working round-the-clock for more than a month….Perhaps, after acquiring the Bomb…”

WHERE ARE the “known Iranian facilities”? The I.A.E.A. does not agree with Mr. B. M. Perhaps they live in the fantasy world of Iraq’s WMDs?

Benny Morris: “…(though, to judge from pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the physical effects of nuclear explosions can be fairly unpleasant).”

FAIRLY UNPLEASANT! Having a baby is “fairly unpleasant”! Ask a Japanese living in Hiroshima or Nagasaki – they will tell you of the fires of hell dropped and how their searing burning skin pealed from their bodies!

We said then NEVER AGAIN. We say now NEVER AGAIN!

Now is a good time for all factions to stop proclaiming themselves guiltless. We are all guilty. Those that perpetrate the killing and those that stand by and do nothing to stop their government from the current deadly world-wide vengeful, resourse-grabbing, waring…for God, for Oil, for Earthly powers.

What news media, receiving the equivalent of the “Pentagon Papers”, would publish them today?

When our Head politicians stated goal is to defend “our” way of life,
and our way of life adds up to “an addiction to oil” and
Jaime Suchlicki of Miami U sounds his trumpet:
“Rising Communist threat in Latin America”,
what is the commonality between
“Communist States” and “Rogue States”?
The answer has 3 letters – O I L.

How many journalists have been killed since 9/11?
How many have served jail time and for how long?
Our great American hero, Daniel Ellsberg, tells us
his biggest regret was the number of years he waited
and the number of additional lives lost because
he hesitated in releasing the Pentagon Papers.

What will save us from the brink of world disaster?
We the people need to become a Daniel Ellsberg,
need action (not just prayers), or as Ray McGovern cautions:
“The hottest fires of hell are saved for those who knew
and did nothing.”

Why Politicians Will NOT Get US Out Of Iraq

The one truth George Bush is recorded as saying, “We need to get over our oil addiction.”

All anyone who would doubt US addiction to oil need do is consider the symptoms of addiction.

We were very angry in the ’70’s about the long lines at the gas pump. We were again very angry when the price of gas went over $3. What did the politicians do this time? Sure as shooting – the price of gas was lowered along with the price of a barrel of crude oil.

When will the US get out of Iraq? When we are sure we have replaced Saddam with another dictator who will do US bidding in regard to US’s only interest there – securing oil for we the people’s addiction to it.

Rep. Jim McCrery, Lousiana, said on C-SPAN this morning, that in 30 years we can be energy independent. I would ask him where would we be today with energy independence if we had spend the last 35 years working on this addiction?

One caller into this morning’s program ended his statement about our oil addiction with “Which one of you (guests were one Republican and one Democrat) will ride herd on the Moose in our Whitehouse?” Rep. Jim McCrery was astute enough to recognize the “Moose” herd contained both Democrats and Republicans. There is the root of our problem. Our politicians are our “enablers”. Democrat or Republican, the monied people in “our” party act like dictators – a small number of people-of-power decide who will run for office; president and congress.

The highest moral value is preserving life and the pursuit of happiness. The deadliest symptom of an addiction is the willingness to feed it no matter the moral cost.

The Cold War Was A Spending War

“…we won the Cold War without ever
having to match armies and nuclear arsenals
with the Soviet Union,” say
Henry Allen’s Washington Post.

THAT war was run by proxies
with little or no Russian or American
blood spilled but blood was spilled
proxie Afghan blood
proxie Indonesia blood
THEN what happened?
we could not proxie the Vietnam War!
WHY is America trying again
for proxies in Afghanistan and Iraq?
gOTTA feed The tiGer in our tank?
How much blood does it take to make one gallon of gas?
One drop of blood per gallon or a zillion?
How much blood per gallon is too much?
You tell me SUV!
One things fer sure
the ratio is growing exponentially!

“Iran,” Cheney states, “is fishing in troubled waters.”

Was it he who also said, “US troops
wearing full protection gear entering Iraq
was proof there were WMD’s there”?

Or are the waters troubled by
55% of US Intelligence $’s going to private firms,
like Booz Allen Hamilton,
who holds Dick C’s hand?

There was a bridge over
Iraqi waters before Cheney-directed-bombs
blew them up.
What water would not be troubled?

Unlike a bridge over troubled waters
Cheney’s sneer does NOT
ease our minds.

Baseball and Politics

when baseball crimes are covered up
by national security
and hordes still participate
in distractions of the Coliseum
choosing sides to feel like winners
when their side wins and when
it loses “wait till next time!”
the handicapped lead the way
out of winner or loser to
all are winners truly
who participate in healthy
sport-like contests like
swimming, running, dancing.

when government crimes are covered up
in the name of national security
and hordes are led to fear to distract
from worldwide games of war
propagandized into believing
“we” are the good guys against “those demons”
everyone’s a loser truly as both sides
get children blown to bits
when tribes/clans/nations return
to loving their children more
than they hate “those demons”
World Peace we all espouse we wish for
becomes possible.

when individuals hide their angst
with the actions of “other”
in the name of “nothing nice to say say nothing”
in fear of losing friend or an explosion
(even steel under too much pressure
explodes unexpectedly)
it is in the exchange of ideas we find
our description of personal space needed
and what fences to build
white picket fences were nice
(the Berlin Wall was not)
personal freedom reigned in
the pursuit of happiness.

America’s glory is not
the “shining light on the hill”
it is in the valley of the people
who have struggled to rule themselves
like a new born learning to walk and talk
America is learning to walk their talk
and the whole world is watching the struggle
for freedom from the ruling class
(the Constitution is not carved in stone!
it is a living work in progress)
O America thus conclude:
freedom of religion includes
freedom from religion!

Dr. Robert Gates, US Defense Secretary. Feel Safer?

“I would confess I’m no expert on Iraq.”
and, asked about the right balance between American and Iraqi forces,
he said he was “no expert on military matters.”
This, after spending 27 years in the CIA as an intelligence professional,
and nearly nine years at the National Security Council.

What is the job of a US Defense Secretary?

Concerned with the armed services and military matters,
to be the principal defense policy adviser to the President
and responsible for the formulation of general defense policy
and policy related to all matters of direct and primary concern
to the Department of Defense, and for the execution of approved policy.

Here’s some defense:
Click your heels Doctor Gates,
and repeat three times
“Take me home to Kansas!”