Donald Trump on Imus In the Morning

thanks, Donald Trump,
for embodying and presenting,
who one thinks one is
when full of money,
a Money God, or sorts,

Barbara Walters was warning Mr. Money Donald
not to get in the mud with Rosie. Barbara
was not degrading Rosie, understanding,
Mr. Trump can not win
(even if he believes he is a trump card)
as no meticulous suit
sooo enamored with their hair
has the experience of mud wrestling.

Rosie did not lie when she said he filed for bankruptcy,
as we are what we create,
so Donald was his corporation
that filed for bankruptcy,
its her belief,
and mine.

Trump: “Bush says he reads one book a week.
I don’t believe that, that would be
60 books a year!”

Trump is more dumber-downed
than Bush!

To Surge Or Not To Surge

got war?
ever known anything different?
want peace?
get educated!
Communism is not dirty
it is dirty dirty dictators who takes control
after a People’s Revolution.
The Cold War was all about
protection American financial interests
in Foreign countries.
Hot Wars are all about
protecting American financial interests
in Foreign countries.
When politics is a national sport
and winning is everything,
where when “our team” wins
it makes “us” (dem or rep) #1
every one loses control
and the sum results are
Piggy American Corporations get fatter!
The question is not
to surge or not to surge
The question is
can Bush keep the Iraq war going
until after the 2008 election believing
he can wash his hands of guilt.
got guts?
get Independent!

Bill Gates: Tear Down That Firewall!

yer philanthropic right hand better look at
what yer investment left hand is doing
like in the Nigeria Delta Flaring
where the fumes are causing sickness
of Nigerian native or like
Ameriquest’s predatory lending
in the US Northwest to the
homeless and the poor
yer 5% tax deduction
for “charitable contributions”
loses what nobility it might have earned
when it invests in what causes
the people’s suffering…
Oil Greed and Loan Sharks, Bill Gates,
Tear down that wall!

George Bush and Human Sacrifice

today is the day the war machine has their picnic
it is the day King George calls for sacrifice
the penguins clap and chant “Oh yes, oh yes,
we can do that!” And in a cartoon
think bubble they say, “Sacrifice is
tossing the dime into the beggar’s cup.”

human sacrifice
pastoralize poverty
proud and dumb

but the children are educated Georgie Porgie
they smell the stench of give-away-pork
they understand the education given them
which promises more money with higher taxes
which feeds the beast of corruption
which turn their backs
to perpetual war…the ultimate dream
of run-away capitalism
these children of W’s darkness
taught themselves

George Bush and Human sacrifice:

“We will send in 20,000 more troops!”

It Is No Longer 7 Minutes Till Midnight

by 1948 Russia had ‘the bomb’
and the clock was set at 3 Minutes Till Midnight
where is the clock set now?
US, Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea, Iran and growing…

* “Last week, with the quiet release of a 33-year-old US
State Department cable, a good chunk of the edifice
of his (Arafat’s) great lie was destroyed.

* “Palestinian assassin Sirhan Sirhan…”

Sirhan confessed that he had killed Kennedy
‘with 20 years of malice aforethought,’ although
he has maintained since being arrested that he has no memory of the crime —
it is so thoroughly blocked out that numerous leading questions
asked under hypnosis were unable to produce a cohesive narrative.
The judge didn’t accept this confession and it was later withdrawn.

In the 1990s, Sirhan proposed the theory that he had been brainwashed.

All the witnesses in the kitchen pantry that day placed Sirhan
in front of Senator Kennedy, at a distance no closer than approximately 3 feet.

…they had found gunpowder residue and soot in the hair shavings taken from
Kennedy’s head prior to surgery. Thus, the gun must have been only inches away.

RFK was hit three times, a fourth bullet passed harmlessly through his clothes,
and five victims were each hit once. That makes nine shots, yet Sirhan’s gun
only held eight bullets. Photographic evidence exists of at least five additional shots.

Who’s was the voice in Sirhan’s head shouting SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT!

The question is no longer WHO shot Bobby or John, the question is WHY?

* “Khartoum and Black September…”

The first oil pipeline between Khartoum and Port Sudan was completed in 1977.

It is still all about OIL for the US.

* “…State Department has been denying that Fatah, the PLO and
the Palestinian Authority are terrorist organizations,
and has been actively funding them with US taxpayer dollars.”

US has been actively funding Israel with taxpayer dollars
without discussion or debate by we the people.

Reset the clock
or reset our thinking?

* quotes from Caroline Glick, Jewish World Review