A Tribute To Truthiness


once we have seen there’s no exit
hate is a violent word
loving to hate is the same as
hating to love
don’t mess with Mr. in-between

of course we have addictive compulsions
that’s one way Huey
to survive the mad hatter head

compulsive compassion
being the order of the day
so long delayed
by he/she who would rule the world
still limited to the ‘known world’
foolishly some even would rule
outer space

“Stand on you’re own two feet!”



our walking wounded numbers grow stronger
bigger, one by one
two if by sea
so unused to coming over and play
it was a long and weary way
just lookin’ for a home
where family and community recognize
the humanity of all
who abide there…
now is a good time
for a community on Planet Earth
to be a Good Neighbor Sam…José, et al

the gig is up
nobody’s rewriting history anymore
(both sides accusing other of same)
we have a live martyr in the limelight now
an honorable Mr. Wiki Leaks
may he not lead us into human morality?
that “Brotherhood of Man”?
so many profess
so few
the essence

we had it once in full measure Louie
the House Undivided
and No One has torn us more asunder than
our very own politicians
…not all… TYGG !!

some are listening to our children
what they say
and yes there is a better way
to get from here to there
what parent has never desired
their children be more intelligent, make more heart-felt choices
than we?
it is our shame it shall be our glory
we overcome