asexual misnomer


hard to live for those who claim it
easy for those who had not to aim
gracefully or not at all
Little Ms. Curmudgeon
(we’re not all men)
world too noisey
for silent comptemplation?
after ashes have all been sifted
look again
until the quiet comes
almost past
the screaming masses
and the explods many
building within
young ones quickly learning
safe havens
ears to hear
eyes to see
brains to weigh pro and con

it has been a very good year river friend
our linguist has been released
from brotherly consternation

very good work my poet friend
now among your poet peers
blessed am i
to have knew you then

“have knew”?
what is that dear Oxford friend?

i’m sunk in the middle again
not cement at least this time
humor is
a special friend.

good bye old friend
of course we all must leave sometime
as we all must grieve sometime

no one here to say you can not
light a candle in middle daylight…
somewhere it’s midnight
will ten more thousand little children
starve again this August month
near ending?

how do you address an angel
so very busy doing angel things
maybe i guess, with silence

one tiny shred of peace
we will make it thru
another night