Bush: No artificial time table to leave Iraq.


We are not looking for anything artificial Mr. Bush
We are looking for a date certain to leave Iraq and end
your artificial reason for staying

Nor are we looking for artificial indignation
of crucifying a Mustang who believed
“nappy-headed ho” was a joke,
maybe he, like I, have heard the next generation
jokingly call their peers “ho”
words – like “ho” and “bastard” lose their sting
when they take on common usage
or as the women’s coach of the women’s basketball,
Rutger’s team, said yesterday,
“No one can make you feel inferior,
unless you let them.”

Can we hate the sin without hating the sinner?
Give Bush a bill with a date certain and
without pork, Congressmen.
Women of Rutger’s,
if you would know the sincerity of Imus’ apology
visit his ranch in New Mexico and meet the children
with cancer, to which he provides camping experiences.

What does Sharpton and Bush have in common?
They both believe “Out of sight out of mind”
If we don’t see our dead soldiers returning in coffins
everything is going fine in Iraq.
If Imus gets axed we won’t hear
the street language of our ghettos.

What does Imus and Bush not have in common?
Imus says what he thinks and apologizes
when he learns he has offended a team of young ladies.
Bush says what he thinks we want to hear.

Who would make a better leader?