Contraceptives Coming Out Party


thank you President of Change
from this ex-Catholic who suffered,
along with many 1950’s women,
from the church ban on contraceptives,
via married couples practising abstaining –
many the dictate of only one partner
via another edict, “Sex
is not the most important thing in marriage.”
as if…
and what was?
obeying the church, most important
yeah, and Knights of Columbus too.
(and who was Columbus?)

some of us escaped.
the name of mine was a priest
in my confession
answering my question with,
“You must have a lot of time on your hands
to do so much thinking.”
q: What did the mother of Jesus do
besides have a baby?
(i had 3 under 3 at the time)
and now
in my great-grand mother years
we, the escapees and i,
are given one more definition for
the 99%ers

thanks and praises


Guantanamo Fear Mongers Five


Mike Rogers, Duncan Hunter, John Mc
Cain, James Clapper, Matthew Olsen ::

names of the releasees not to be released
but they did it anyway didn’t they CNN?

all war monger unbelievers in atonement
unable to imagine an Obama 9/11 President

or using police action on bin Laden or allowing
the Taliban are Afghan citizens, not Al Qaeda

throw it all in a pot, boil and bubble politicians
now campaigning 24/7 coyote ugly in 4 year sets

Michael. don’t row that boat ashore yet
we’ve miles to go before we sleep

For Shame! Dr. Pepper!


i’ll take my heroes jolly and green
you can suck up your jeep riding
muscled hero showing how great
tossing a Dr. Pepper can
to litter our earth.

someone fooled the wool on you!
he he he he man drink beer
tosses his can in our public parks
uses live trees for targets
while his ol’ woman
tosses disposable diapers
next to our clean water running

whadda ya tink, yo mon, yo wo’mon
ya radder be reincarnated as a tree target
or a dirty disposable diaper
taking 250-500 years
before disintegration
before the next reincarnation?

i agree
maybe we do maybe we don’t
and/or if we do maybe
we stay in our own species
well then
is it surely possible
we reincarnate in a different country,
in a different skin, in a different religious family

would this not be karmic balance
if we are born into any of the above
that we hated and/or abused or refused
aid or comfort
because they were “different”?

No, I won’t drink you Dr. Pepper
or Coke
or Pepsi
not because of your offensive ad
big But because
sugar is poison to the human body.

Hootie says it’s not too late Dr. Pepper
get your kicks away from Route 66
and down the green path
of sustainability
ours and yours.

What does North Korea want?

for starters they want something more than a “Truce”
ya think?
they still waiting for a Peace Treaty
and where ya think that is
besides frozen in time
how many years?
you do the math
this crazy ol’ lady is weary
of the just one more reason
to keep US of A war machine
humming for Weapons Makers
how broke
does America need to get
hell freezes over

Mother Earth:
quakes this earth
volcanoes blow
waters flood
people die
She only knows
something’s gotta give…
She is not impervious
to human psychic human shock waves

turn around
don’t drown
or other wise
self destruct

Corporations: Peopled not People

<..) if you own stock you are part off a peopled corporation ergo enabling the guys/gals at the top to eat the lifeblood of we the people ergo controlling our political system now at 10% approval rating (you can bet her boottie it's the 9% below the 1% ((trying to move on up to the 1%)) the ultimate maximum American Dream) it has never been clearer we the people saw and heard now do you? take me down to Wall Street Bally i wanna huff and puff shiny a mirror reflecting light upon the eclipsing dark the body it speaks louder than words the mouth the eyes the hands now is a good time to speak the truth oh pants on fire around the waist and climbing... fire! fire! fire! water won't do words won't do listen to your heart then speak! speak now without anger without $ signs floating in your head (how much is enough?) with reason with understanding no one is going to get everything they wish for there is no Santa or we all are Santa wind or saint, you decide... poor baby are you freezing tonight or is everything all right did you head towards the south pole and pause in the tropics? we're having climate changing weather our melt-before-noon snow is already one week old now we are joined at the hip on the rail we can hear the whistle blow dear angels in heaven all above protect our earth angels especially right now for sure Private Manning and Wikileaks Julian Assange my money's where my mouth is is yours ?

Kitty, it’s not good news…or is it?

16 days till winter

she knows where she wants to go
but here’s not there and
such an addictive personality
she says yes then does no
now she knows she can’t get there from here
even speaking ahead of time
time comes
she remembers
and goes ahead and does it anyway

and someone joey says
up the mountain is one step at a time
down the mountain three or four
no tellin’
fer sure
the many
sometimes slip sliding along
sometimes fun
sometimes bang!
the laughing all the way
some finder seys

enjoying the day as if it were last
is hard to do
save for being a child or elder than…

it took a long time to sort then and than
yepper, one is time
one is comparative

thar you go my many michaels
this is not a poem
it is broken lines
like thoughts
play me a song
long then short
repeat and sort at will

i’m pleased to know a mike
that combines prose and poetry
he calls it “broken prose”
we call it what we will because
oh and yeah,
by the way
he is a special education teacher
and i’m on my way
to ask his permission
at least what he thinks
of these words
or not
you tell me
why you’re here
by singing me back
your song
if you will
to do so…

religious hooks that last a lifetime


even after 40 years of rejecting
Mr. Pope et al black lies they create
with black magic via
incense, candles, bells, mantras
those they lose in the daytime
are visited in their dreams…

dreams become nightmares
my own was visited by
extreme emergency:
hundreds of babies were dying
quickly i bundled them
(not time to sort the live from dead)
took them to a safe place
time being the essence
they were fastly sorted

i told a found helper
to order hundreds of binkies
took the first viable one i found
to a safe place
gave the precious a binkie
and returned to sort out the rest
the rest were in little packages
not quite humanoid
most not viable, some maybe
not having the skills to know
they were handed to those that do
and i walked away hoping
they would euthanize the not viable
not knowing, the same as
if a nonviable fetus feels pain

and i awoke
of the brainless emotional imbeciles
who want control of women’s choices
at Mr. Pope et al black lies they create

you can tell me my dreams are my dreams
and there’s no such thing as black magic
at least
and after all these years
the incense, candles, bells, and mantras
are mine
with my own intentions
of focus
in my own spiritual awareness

you can tell me my dreams are my dreams
and it would behoove me
to focus
before i lay my head a’bed

pen-chant cant chant, or can it?

i had every intention
to stop scribbling
oh but these hands
they don’t listen
or why one before me
walked the streets
writing so fast it could not be read
one sheet after another then
tossing it over her shoulder

they always pull out a patsy Josè
(sometimes Maria)
Rick Parry the executor
gets applause
I hate cancer
teabag or killer
tiger o balm
tiger tea
tea killer
how do you spell GOP?
What do you get
when you fall in love
with money
and power
or the final hour?
nightmare in the daylight

don’t talk/don’t touch
coming to your local theatre

how do you spell heaven without a home
how do you watch the sun go down
and not know you might not see another

you are i and grass is green
don’t bother to write
we both in jail
jail with no walls for human kind
now and then visits do us good
there is joy in Mudville

asexual misnomer


hard to live for those who claim it
easy for those who had not to aim
gracefully or not at all
Little Ms. Curmudgeon
(we’re not all men)
world too noisey
for silent comptemplation?
after ashes have all been sifted
look again
until the quiet comes
almost past
the screaming masses
and the explods many
building within
young ones quickly learning
safe havens
ears to hear
eyes to see
brains to weigh pro and con

it has been a very good year river friend
our linguist has been released
from brotherly consternation

very good work my poet friend
now among your poet peers
blessed am i
to have knew you then

“have knew”?
what is that dear Oxford friend?

i’m sunk in the middle again
not cement at least this time
humor is
a special friend.

good bye old friend
of course we all must leave sometime
as we all must grieve sometime

no one here to say you can not
light a candle in middle daylight…
somewhere it’s midnight
will ten more thousand little children
starve again this August month
near ending?

how do you address an angel
so very busy doing angel things
maybe i guess, with silence

one tiny shred of peace
we will make it thru
another night