God, According To Matthew

G – Now let’s see if I got this right…
You had to sign a legal document where you swear
to ‘love for better or worse till death do you part’
and no matter how vile mean ugly or destructive
either party is you are legally bound to ‘love’,
and the only release from this torture is death,
or a living death where wife/or sometimes husband
surrenders their will to the other?

M – But I was only following and teaching
your holy book the Bible. I was able to subjugate Mary
for the public but my subjugation of her in our home
destroyed those loving feelings that brought us together
and neither got no satisfaction. Oh, Sundays were grand
but the thanks and praises walked out the door
when my sermon was over and hand shakes ended.

G – Come on in Matthew you were also a victim,
as was Mary, of all the false prophets for profit,
who took unto themselves All Mighty Powers.
Come sit down beside me, let us now observe
what they will do to Mary – how can they not know
when all hope is gone there are two options
suicide and/or murder – neither of which rises
our of jealousy, but desperation.

M – And who in the world is not feeling despair now?

G – I’ll tell you who – those who sacrifice their mind and will
and psyche themselves into raptures on earth – that only
masters of Satan can give. I’ve told them, between
God and Devil, it is only the devil that can lie.

But there is hope Matthew. When at first one lies,
the need arises to cover one lie with another lie,
it becomes a way of life like cheating does once
one crosses that line with trumped-up rationality;
cheating and lying, of necessity, becomes a duet,
a double bind so to say – a house of cards where out
comes only with collapse.

But you are here and they are there and you
are now in the company of all the victims
of liars and cheaters of all denominations,
all of whom are in another place…
back in school so to say with no cheat sheets.

Here, Matthew, as a victim you’ve earned your wings,
the halo comes later if you wish to try next time to
nourish instead of surrender those gifts each and every
child is born with: a curious mind and free will.

Good night, and good luck.