Catholic Church Busted!!!

490 years ago today!
selling tickets into Heaven
i’ve bought a few myself
“plenary indulgences”
back in my no-hay Catholic days
despite the fact that one
plenary indulgence
was Heaven insurance for a lifetime
many and me and more
bought insurance for our insurance
thank you Martin Luther
for this outing of money changers in the temple
and thank you for making “the” Bible accessible
to we the people and i, for one
understand how hard it is
to unloose the claws that bind us
there was valid compassion
in front of all the thievery
something like the Rabbi on CNN’s “God’s Warrior’s”, who said,
when Christine Amanpour asked him,
‘Weren’t you being dishonest when you told the people
you were building a military base when in reality
you were building a new settlement, which was illegal?”
“I wouldn’t call it a lie,” he responded,
we just found a way around it.”

Jewish Rabbi Busted too!!!