Catholic Lou Dobbs and Redemption

Back to Latin Masses
ritual mantras, need not be understood
by the recitees, to gain power

immigration no redemption, your accuser, Mr. Dobbs,
was not using the Christian definition
he was trying to bring a point home to you
re immigration and the TRUE problem: NAFTA and WTO
even as important also,
laws ALREADY on the book are not being enforced
WHAT makes you believe (and others calling for a new law)
that the congress is not just shuffling papers
until attention of the fickle masses turns, again
here’s a suggestion for some redemption Mr. Lou,
check out the “terrorist training camp” flick
we keep seeing over and over…
the “training” we are being shown
has NOTHING to do
with the type of terrorists attacks
that have been made against the US
how long, oh Lou Dobbs, will you continue to be complicit
in feeding us what think tanks feed you?
we are all walking wounded
we all need redemption
(some moreso than others)
today is a good day to come to the aid of your fellow citizens.