Gary Qualls, Cindy Sheehan

who’s children died before them:
(every parent’s worst nightmare)

God bless you too Gary Qualls
with a 16 year old motherless child
speaking with the tenor of controlled pain
i hear the same in Cindy Sheehan
the low number polls of America
is not against the troops it is against the Bush
do you think the pain is any more or less
than the 130,000 innocent Iraqis dead
General Frank may not do body count but someone is
one of those someones, another American,
was killed in the bombing of Falajah
remember the story of the no fly zone
north a safety zone for the Kurds
south a safety zone for the Shia
no one mentions coalition deaths numbering 287
add to the 223 in Afghanistan and to that
1,864 in Iraq equal total military deaths of 2,350
Cindy and Gary had honorable sons
they both died for their country
dishonor is not theirs in this dishonorable war
it goes right up the chain of command to the commander-in-chief
and his bunkshooters
here is the difference between the Iraq War and the Vietnam War
when Vietnam Vets came home protesters spit in their face
they too misdirected their anger and they are remorseful
when Iraqi Vets come home they are embraced and thanked
and how do US troops feel that have boots on the ground?
firstly it is illegal for them to speak out against it
secondly we know in the age of text messaging
in cyberspace messages are accessible to many
including the commanders all the way up the line
Cindy does support our troops
Donald Trump is embraced in China
“How to Become A Millionaire”
cold cash with hot blood
he who gets the richest is manufacturing arms
and selling them to both sides
future shock is here now
peace is war
love is hate
“We had to kill them to set them free.”
God will bless American
when Americans become more like Jesus
and do what he would do.
Gary and Cindy were brave like Jesus
speaking from their hearts who can not feel them?
Gary sacrifices for his remaining 16 year old son
Cindy for her aging mother

Truth will set us free.