Dear Daddy Long Legs


did you ever get back to
Iran to see your mother?
has my blue tree
gathered dust?
of Paris
does she still applaud
your efforts?
here across the ocean
we are fed:
)Letters from Juliet
fueling the forlorn
still dreaming
“happy together
ever after”
wrinkle removers
hair replacers
et al ad nauseam
superficial beautyizers

your stupa appears
time worn of usage
in consciousness rising
where once Summer
and River played catch
with precious gems
across and mid construction
when Jasun & Katie did
a hooligan dance

will Arbie produce the play
where saints go marching in
led by Christina Green
and nary a named saint
among them?

how am i? good
having just mastered the art
of only one beep instead of five
from my microwave
a little one more step
a little better to hear