Diamonds are NOT A Girl’s Best Friend

perhaps you are right Ollie
some able bodies do cheat welfare
but how does that compare
to zillions of deaths and slaves
fighting perpetual wars decided
by the Privileged Class?

but no, Charlie,
their are no perpetual wars
seein’ as how greed has no limits
all wanna be Empires run out of gas
er, that is, Money,
eventually…you see…
even when they know they can not win
see how they continue to war?
They know not else but “Stay the course.”

How long will they play Vietnam in Iraq?
In their World War I the ratio
of civilian deaths to soldiers deaths was
10 soldiers to 1 civilian
In their World War II the ration
of civilian deaths to soldiers was 50/ 50
today it is 80% civilians to 20% soldiers
and they call it collateral damage
to sound more “humane”.

Oh Ollie
see the man in the fashionable suited tie?
He does not look happy
but he does look proud he made all his money
in stock market investments.
Is he proud of not doing slave labor?
Did he save a life today, or any other
random act of kindness?
Did it wash the blood from his diamond hands?

Diamonds dripping with blood
are NOT a girls best friend Marilyn
I’m sorry they made you sing that
I’m sorry they could not let you live
but that’s the way it is for those who worship
the Money God.