Dick Cheney positions himself to ascend to the crown.

Reuel Marc Geiecht, American Enterprise Institute
on C-SPAN this morning stated:
“As a general rule countries don’t like to be bombed.”
Is that a statement from a bloodless entity or what?

And allows yes, V.P. Dick has recused himself from
the rhetoric heating up to bomb Iran.
As we the people understand Dick is the brains
behind George and has spent most of the last 5 years
hunkered bunkered down with his hot line,

Here’s a crux of what if:
Dick’s Diabolical Plan;
as Bush’s popularity has tanked now and
the majority of we the people are against
the Iraqi War and appalled at the contemplation
of a new Iranian War and whereas
this 2006 November election may well
be taken over by the Democrats and they may well
move to impeach Bush and open the door
for this Dick to ascend to full power’s
including the one’s Bush has claimed as his own
like secret spying on we the people
and whereas plans are underway
to build a concentration on US homeland
Dick will have cleared the way
to first remove dissenters just like Hitler did
before he removed the Jews and who
do you imagine President Dick Cheney would remove
after the dissenters? Not too much brain drain to guess;
All of We the People who have not been reborn!

Meanwhile back at the black white house,
Dicky boy washes his hands, a modern day Pontious Pilot,
of any overt involvement in bombing Iran, as he
salivating dreams “Let George do it!”