Donald Trump on Imus In the Morning

thanks, Donald Trump,
for embodying and presenting,
who one thinks one is
when full of money,
a Money God, or sorts,

Barbara Walters was warning Mr. Money Donald
not to get in the mud with Rosie. Barbara
was not degrading Rosie, understanding,
Mr. Trump can not win
(even if he believes he is a trump card)
as no meticulous suit
sooo enamored with their hair
has the experience of mud wrestling.

Rosie did not lie when she said he filed for bankruptcy,
as we are what we create,
so Donald was his corporation
that filed for bankruptcy,
its her belief,
and mine.

Trump: “Bush says he reads one book a week.
I don’t believe that, that would be
60 books a year!”

Trump is more dumber-downed
than Bush!