“Don’t Mess With My Atonement”

“Don’t Mess With My Atonement”

she was downsizing via guilt
he was upsizing via his vork
no blame or same
their communication barrier
non comprendo
when the soul needs a lesson give it up
to seeing both sides
of their disagreement
in planning to share a space
his goal disrupted hers
her goal disrupted his
no blame

“and so, the two, have parted
gonna have another walk downtown”

what if
she could learn
physical manifestations not of her making.
was not part of her atonement completion
not enough to live an example
of conscious human to decide on
and what if
he could learn
when mind/body/spirit set a direction
honor this

i honor my keyboard
turn it upside and gently pat
lots of unwanted-s fall out
openly i spread my hands over the keyboard
and honour all creators that brought us
from stone writing to keyboard
and beyond yes, i, stop here
where i am
to breathe in, breathe out

take it home girl
while still wide awake
tobacco tomorrow
which will be today
yes i do owe more to taxpayers
ergo i support tobacco tax

back home again
in Clark’s Marysville
laughing all the way
of what fun it is to ride
any open road…