“everybody just settle down a little bit”

(Washington Journal C-SPAN caller)

they’re building concentration camps
dissenters are today’s Jews
Jews are yesterday’s God chosen
Arabs are tomorrow’s questions

yesterday’s dream – a slaveless world
tomorrow’s dream – a peaceful slaveless world
today’s reality : hell for the slaves
“more than I dared dream” : the rich

when the rich become filthy
the poor becomes lazy
opposites beget opposites
where is the hope when
one (or many) prefers to destroy
rather than face their guilt
of bloody sacrificing innocents

when rivers run oily red
and oxygen is full of microscopic metal shards
and the God of Earth is the God of War
is Earth the next Mars?

when the right brain refuses the left
bipolar is another name for confusion
blasphemy is refusing Heaven on Earth
blasphemy is proclaiming Hell after death

“Will you do unto me as I do unto you?”
an eye for an eye?
If I turn my other cheek will you?
If I tell you you are standing on my toes
will you stop?

When I pick up the first stone and throw it
at an atomic bomb am I guilty?