Honoring Father and Mother

hell Mary i miss my mother
who art in heaven these several years
who was a Victorianized wife
of a Catholicized husband
which caused both to need to die
before they could freely send love
to seven siblings
our father now is also
holy love
pouring down from above
so as below
we honor you in heaven
as our mature vision now comprehends
your great sacrifices
thru the Great Depression
now comprehending how your childhood settings
deprived you both of outwardly expressing feelings
one of your great gifts being siblings never fearing
being without home or food or fear of everlasting damnation
leading us from the greatest temptation
of power and greed
back to the Athenian Dream
again renewed by the real American Dream
that people needed no King or dictator or religious leader
that they have the capacity to rule themselves
(religious freedom is not free
if there is no quarter for freedom from religions)

When US leaders change “retreat” to “cut and run”
and deny the dictionary definition of “civil war”
in their desire to create the War of Worlds
with a War on Words they fail to understand
we all understand “1984”.

hell Mary our father
we know how we got from there to here
climate changing global warming
world starvation


but it is not yet December
and winter is three weeks coming
your great grandson is gathering wood and we are awaiting
our first snowflakes’ arrival…