How Many Orphans Did You Make Today?


what is a $2,000 cash back
mean if you sign the line to buy a car?
they flash back cash and did it take
any cash up front to get the $2,000 back?
how much fear is behind the wheel
of the first dent on that shiny new car
full insurance is how much time how many years
and how much will you really be paying
with payments lasting 5 years or more
and that’s for a new car smell that
smell you can buy in a can
but it’s image, protests you?
“those that look like they got the most
get the most”
the most what, we wonder…
most toys? check
most expensive house, no make that mansion. check
who buys children for sexual toys
while buying the most expensive armanent
how many orphans did you make today?
how much suffering does it take to bake
that baked dream of American Apple Pie?
$2,000 is only a flash, a neon sign
open for business come get yet another
slice of the movin’ on-up pie.