i gorfot!


elm tree we’re meeting under,
was it a stream or a river,
in apple blossom time
or snowy mountain tops,
this life or next?

if it’s jitterbug will you remember
to lift your arm high enough
not to conk my brow?

one could say
we stepped on many toes
before we met ergo
we step on noone now,
ours or others.

Jack shaved his beard
cut his long straggle of hair
only heaven knows why
we do not care
we all let go sometime…

Micah pontificates:
has 53 who need his attention
as if she hadn’t observed
fully 25 never awakened
with ears and eyes
to see nor hear

we can’t play life
so we play games
until life happens
in both worlds
was it an accident or mistake?
or merely an accidental mistake?
no blame