if things got better could they stand it?

< ..>

they do so lust for
everything get worse
whose grabbed in the beginning
are grasping in the end
today’s tiny upswing
before a balance settles in
any mathematician coulda/woulda known
it takes 2%
were they going for 99.9% pure?
it is not soap!
it is people
gonna wash that greed
right outta their hands
who who knows?
(Mother Jones knows a lot)

ah yes,
greed grows in many pocket books
big and small
not to fear dear munchkin
your roof is not falling
but sadly i hear a new report
the Monster Greed has a new plan
second chapter, worse than first,
been used before, but listen
IT has already started…

i remember when, in the ’40’s
and early ’50’s when
the middle class had an unspoken fear
of falling into lower class
remember all the classes back then?
upper upper
upper middle
middle upper
lower middle
lowest living on the street

and, oh the woes in the middle
personal ones all true
and once again
the Monster plan:
Turn the Middle against the Lower

it all depends:
how many Christians have learned Jesus-compassion?
who many Jews remember why they joined the Civil Rights Movement?
how many will remember why they came to the US of A?
and how many Americans will remember their ancestral roots?

in the hollows and the hills
we are singing out,
“we ain’t gonna take it anymore,
we have united our selves.”