If we win in Iraq will the Bushites sacrifices have been worth it?

That depends on what “it” is.
If winning means Iraq will be a true democracy
where Sunni rights, as a minority, will be protected,
and women get equal rights,
and the Saddam trial is seen by the world
as a fair and equal judicial system,
that would be a world of good.
if “it” is
what worth, in other words
how much of our American democratic principles did we sacrifice
9/11 did strike fear into the hearts of Americans
a national 911 call so to say
and how many lying lies have we the people been told
to increase that fear as if
the 45 minutes to a real mushroom cloud was not enough fear
then that fear was proved falsified intelligent information
to the biggest lethal crooks in the world today are those who falsify “facts”
how trite and false the sound of “as a matter of fact” as if
calling something a fact makes it a fact
“Sloganeering from the Right and the Left does not enhance any debate”

How is Israel like America today?
Both are in a quagmire,
otherwise known as a stalemate.
Both leaders of these countries still believe
if they “just stay the course” they will win.
How long, O America, O Jerusalem,
is it 58 years now?
It is not Bolivians fault Americans want Cocaine
instead of the medicinal benefits of Coca.
The best of America is Beautiful
but she is no longer a teenager
one might say, middle age, the question is
will she still represent liberty in old age?