In Israel torture is legal?

the tortured truth
of saying whatever is wanted to be heard
it serves PR purpose to create a confession
connecting Iran and Syria to Hezabollah
the “war on terrorism” misses the boat
of terrorism from the sky

eleven 20 yr old Egyptian men gone missing
are they captured hostages of terrorists
all the King’s men or disinfected slaves?

who the torturer making the mistake
of bruising lips of the tortured captured
Hezabollah who reportedly
captured two Israeli soldiers

where are the two soldiers?
where is the PR confession
the video of the soldiers denouncing
Israel? doesn’t exist? why?

oh you say they were kidnapped not captured
only the righteous “capture”
while the hooligans do the dastardly deed
of “kidnap”
the righteous can capture thousands
and not be damned
the hooligans kidnap two
and are bombed to kingdom come…
…or because of it – one thing’s for sure
all empires rise and fall
America, the Unintended Empire,
“sliding down this slippery slope”
full throttle in denial.
admission of culpability
is more than small hearts will allow
How many small hearts can a pin head hold?
Answer: All of them, i’m saying
Small, as in microscopic!
any heart
still beating
still has capability
to grow.